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What do we do?

We help clients bring their story to the masses in a digital format. Their hub will likely be a website, true, but good storytelling is often so much more than that. A story is seen through a variety of factors such as a logo, color scheme, values, and mission. Through our deep understanding of both technology and storytelling, we bring a digital self to life. Moreover, this transformation would usually be an experience reserved for corporations with very deep pockets.

How do we work?

You would probably assume that because we work with clients around the globe that we bend to meet their needs regardless of where they are. You would not be wrong, but just like with what we do, this would be a gross understatement. Our values do not just stretch beyond and inform how we build relationships with our clients; they also turn inward and shape the very culture of our organization.

Our staff is 100% virtual: working where it makes sense. We work when the time is most convenient for all, which include our families as well as clients. We might work on the beach at sunset in California one day and from a log cabin at the crack of dawn in Colorado the next. The days of dictating time and place as an authority from on high have long ended, and we fully embrace that. We are explorers and artists. We seek to bring together the world as we are, not as some undefined “they” wants everyone to be.

  • Remote first
  • Asynchronous
  • Flexible schedules
  • Flexible roles

What about working culture?

No two individuals are going to bring out their best work or authentic selves using the exact same process and approach. Just because it might be easier to give one-size-fits-all policies on management does not mean that is the best thing to do. We strive to improve upon how we do things by working smarter, not harder. Society has long moved away from the factory floor model to determine productivity and there is no reason for us to continue processes and policies that are solely based on the production line model.

We believe that "traditional" policies and practices are not going to foster the best work; neither is basing the worth produced on the number of hours spent nor being "visible" to leaders. Our compensation model reflects that value at its core by providing all base wages equally across the board with added commission on all work produced. This incentivizes working smarter and producing valuable work, not on keeping butts in seats nor honing the unneeded skill of pay negotiation.

Time is a very valuable thing which is why we actively discourage working long hours. Our full-time week is 32 hours for all, not 40+ or even 60+ as many other organizations tout. Time away recharging is working smarter and bringing a more complete human experience to our work.

  • Commission for all roles
  • Fair and equal pay
  • 32 hour weeks at full time
  • Automation & technology focused

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"Our staff is 100% virtual: working where it makes sense."

What to expect with the process?

  1. Application

    All of our current open opportunities are listed on our careers portal and also shared across various popular job boards. If a candidate is interested in working with us they can apply through our career portal. The application details are then processed and reviewed by the hiring team.

  2. Initial conversation

    If an application is selected to proceed, a conversation is scheduled to discuss the role. This helps to clarify how the opportunity fits within the organization and how we work differently than most places. We look for individuals who are continual learners and self-starters as they tend to work very well in environments with asynchronous and remote work.

  3. Mock project

    If an initial conversation goes well, the candidate is asked to complete a take-home mock project. The mock project is based on the role they applied and they can complete it at their own pace. These mock projects follow a case study like approach and give some details of a hypothetical project that is awaiting the contributions of the candidate's role. We think this approach is a much better indicator of skill level than live quizzes or traditional technical or even panel interviews and allows diverse individuals to process and perform the tasks in the way that works best for them.

  4. Follow-up conversation

    After the mock project, another conversation is scheduled to talk about how the candidate approached the challenge, what assumptions they made about the problem or deliverables, and generally how the mock project went. The added time between conversations allows for questions to surface and gives all of us a chance to discuss futher.

  5. Contract-to-hire period

    All of our opportunities start with a part time contract-to-hire basis. This gives an opportunity to see how the work progresses and team works together. We start with part time to limit interference with any current arrangements and to make sure things are a good fit before moving forward to a full time commitment.

  6. Conversion to employee

    Assuming there is a desire to proceed following the contract-to-hire period, a conversion to employee begins. Following conversion, employees are immediately elligable for benefits such as paid time off and education assistance.

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About Us

Started in 2004 as a custom software provider in Memphis, TN, PortoSpire has since grown into its current, New Albany, OH, home. Our team strives to provide opportunities for great brand stories that help small businesses thrive and individuals to take control of their web presence. Customizing your digital presence is a tailored experience which aims at bringing your unique values, perspective, propositions, and goals to a global audience. We bring about this momentum with end-to-end services including: design, hosting, and enterprise scale integrations.

be yourself. be seen.